Latest details for the implementation of the Da Vinci surgical Robot

The Minister of Health, Silvia Sosa Araujo, met with the Minister of Science and Technology, Alicia Bañuelos, together with the representatives of South America and Argentina from Intuitive Surgical, the supplier of the surgical robot Da Vinci, Marisa Venturino and Alejandro Marina .

The meeting had the objective of finalizing the details for the implementation of the robot that will work in the future Central Hospital. “This is the second face-to-face meeting in San Luis. We are making progress with the program, these are the final details to achieve the goal. We leave happy, because we are moving forward with what will be the prior training for professionals that is a fundamental requirement, all this work is systematized, “Marina said.

On the other hand, Venturino arrived from Brazil for the first time in San Luis and said that “Intuitive is a company that is in the market 23 years ago and last year we had a million patients around the world. In San Luis, we are doing a coach that consists of working in all spheres, the staff of surgeons and the administrative staff. For San Luis it is a great advance “.

Da Vinci is a robotic surgery program that requires the training of surgeons, instrumentalists and a previous work plan. “We need to make sure that everything is followed according to international standards. This robot is used all over the world in a very successful way, because they require less time of hospitalization, rapid recovery of the patient, among other benefits, “Minister Bañuelos added.

Source: Ministry of Health Press.