Innovating in the Art of Endoscopy

In conjunction with Olympus we work with healthcare professionals every day, combining our innovative capabilities in medical technology and precision manufacturing with their skills to provide the best possible outcomes for patients and society. One of the great focuses that are shared is the early detection of diseases and minimally invasive procedures and in this way we manage to minimize the discomfort and accelerate the recovery process.

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Endoscopy of the Upper Digestive Tract

Endoscopy of the upper digestive tract or is performed in patients with heartburn or symptoms of gastritis. Olympus offers a wide range of endoscopes from ultra-fine gastroscopes to therapeutics and full compatibility with a broad spectrum of EndoTherapy devices. The latest generation gastroscopes featuring HDTV, double focus and Narrow Band Imaging help detect and diagnose abnormalities such as ulcers, metaplasia and neoplasia in the upper digestive tract and allows targeted biopsies to be performed.

Therapeutic Colonoscopy

The therapeutic colonoscopy is useful to perform minimally invasive procedures in the lower digestive tract, such as polypectomy, hemostasis, resection and extraction of foreign bodies. Olympus endoscopic devices are specifically designed to offer maximum compatibility with Olympus colonoscope channels and include a comprehensive catalog of forceps, endoloops, grippers, handles, needles and probes.


The digestive echoendoscopy combines the advantages of two medical disciplines, endoscopy and ultrasonography. The ultrasound transducer is integrated in the distal end of the endoscope, which allows placement of the transducer near the area of interest, an important factor in the resolution of the EUS image.


The endoscopic system EVIS EXERA III is defining new standards for technologies focusing on:

Advance in visualization

Advance control

Advance in the workflow

These innovative technologies facilitate more accurate diagnosis and treatment, simplify configuration and reprocessing, improve workflow and link patient and department information with the hospital information network through intelligent technologies with advanced levels of sophistication and integration.


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