It is the way in which we generally work in a day by day basis and share our life with all those that surround us.  Let’s be consistent with what we decide and do, each one of us must make Selfmanagement the way to work, respect all those that surround us, assume the responsibility for our actions, task and functions, be happy, develop an environment where we all take care of each other, are sustainable and can grow.


One of the many sayings that guides our day to day is that if something is a given way, it must stay that way, regardless of the side of the table in which one is seated. For example, if we decide that we must work hard, this is not for all the others, it is for everyone including oneself. If we all must finish a task, it implies all of us, including myself.  This which might seem apparently easy, leads us to raise the irrefutable need to be consistent, the rules we apply must apply to everyone, starting with oneself.


We must understand that our work, our commitment, our  tasks, our responsibilities, our growth, our weaknesses, our achievements, our challenges are above all ours, then there is no one better then oneself to define them, develop them,  control them, show them, etc.  Working under the principle of self- management means that each one of us is responsible for defining our tasks, our scope, our responsibilities, our needs and obviously maintain control over our objectives and task  without depending on anyone else.


We are not all alike and that is why we define self-management, where each one must bring out the best of themselves as well as the differences and weaknesses. It is in this self-understanding that we will make room to request help, help in what we are best at and stand out altogether.  LET IT BE. Let’s allow the existence of  differences with our colleagues, clients and competitors, respect each other’s personal space, the  ways of being, the choices, the histories, passions, thoughts and priorities.


Now we know that we must do what we say (be consistent), that we define our tasks (Self- Management) and that we do all this under the framework of mutual respect.  If we understand and incorporate the first three definitions, we will realize that everything depended exclusively on each one of us, we are responsible for everything that happens.  We are what we define that happens to us, if we are not responsible and do not undertake our actions in a conscious way, we will end up hurting someone and/or losing our job.


Our development in Bio Analitica must be hand in hand with the pleasure to do it in Bio Analitica. Sustaining the highest levels of consistency, self- management, respect and responsibility and therefore doing so in a relaxed, happy, healthy environment that allows self-realization.


It is and it should be the interest of all the colleagues that work in Bio Analitica to take better care of each other, of ourselves, of our families, of the society, of the environment, the unprotected, the different and those who do not have.


An absolutely important topic is that in order for Bio Analitica to continue fulfilling its Purpose and Philosophy, we must all incorporate the sustainability axis, understood by us as the growth, innovation, proactivity and were many times a disruption is applied.  It is an important task for all of us to present our objectives to our colleagues to allow  an analysis and follow-up on results.


There is no other result if we do things in compliance and aligned with the previous definitions. If we see the interested parties involved in our processes, present in our environment, and think about them, we will act in order to provide the best service.  If we all act in the same way, we will be grateful to form part of that virtuous cycle in which we ALL develop and grow.


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