The link of Bio Analitica and Olympus exists from its origins, thus obtaining the necessary experience to provide the best solution based on your need. We offer solutions in microscopy and image analysis for all applications, both in research and education.

Local contact:
Federico Marina
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Federico Marina


By Area of ​​use:

  • Clinical research:

They are used for studies of pathology and cytology, clinical laboratory analysis and to make projections in conferences.

  • Research and development (R + D):

We offer to obtain images in light field or dark field, fluorescent images, or to elaborate 4D analysis for your investigation. It includes a variety of vertical solutions, inverted, stereoscopic, confocal, multiphoton and super resolution, endowed with the recognized optics and experience that their research demands.

  • Education:

Versatile solutions for each scientific education sector.

Analysis of images

We provide hardware and software specialized in optimizing the processes of:

  • Phase Analysis
  • Automatic cell counting
  • Analysis and Reconstruction 2D and 3D images (EFI)
  • Cameras: Byn, high speed, refrigerated


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