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The Eppendorf's Reference 2 is the ideal device for these liquid handling applications.

Single-button operation for both aspiration / dispensing / tip ejection.
Pipetting faster
Characteristics: Accuracy and Accuracy.
4-digit volume indicator.
It is sterilizable in an autoclave.
An integrated RFID chip contains all the relevant data from the pipette.
Applications: Normal, reverse pipetting.
Elimination of supernatants.
Mix of samples.
Phase extraction.
Filling plates, gels and reaction tubes.


The perfection lies in the details: this is a principle that is definitely true for our hand pipettes and associated consumables. A history of more than 50 years in the handling of liquids has resulted in award-winning designs, avant-garde production, optimal selection of materials, as well as in products that are harmonized to perform to the maximum, guaranteeing the quality you deserve.

The portfolio of liquid handling instruments Eppendorf
As the inventor of the microliter system, we at Eppendorf have more than fifty years of experience in pipetting / dispensing and accurately transferring the smallest quantities of liquids manually and automatically.


We introduced our first centrifuge to the market in 1964 as an integral part of the Eppendorf Microliter System, and revolutionized research practices in life sciences worldwide. To this day, the name of Eppendorf is synonymous with creative design, innovative technology and reliable performance that stand the test of time.


Eppendorf offers three lines of freezers to meet a variety of requirements: Eppendorf’s high-efficiency ultra-freezers have set a new benchmark for energy efficiency, while Eppendorf Innova® ultra-freezers and Eppendorf ultra-freezers (ULT Freezers) have earned a good reputation for preserving samples with extraordinary quality, while minimizing energy consumption. In combination with fast delivery and technical service, Eppendorf freezers continue to raise the bar. From the initial product design to the final supply, the Eppendorf freezers meet the highest quality standards. We want to provide high performance, sample security and ease of use.


These products are the perfect choice for mixing and heating established routine applications. The Eppendorf ThermoMixer F0.5 / F1.5 / F2.0 and FP have a fixed block for 0.5 / 1.5 / 2.0 mL tubes and plates, respectively. Reliable prevention of condensate formation in small containers can be achieved with the Eppendorf ThermoTop thermal cap.


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