Importance of rheometry in the quality and development of products

At Bio Analítica we focus on providing excellent solutions focused on production, development and above all the QUALITY of our clients’ processes and products, always working to continually improve.

Based on the already certified ISO 9001: 2015 standard; We are constantly analyzing the risk involved in any process, the ways in which they are carried out and their efficiency.

What is rheometry? Why is it essential in industries? What benefits does it bring?

The answers to these questions are summarized to: QUALITY

  • What is it? Taking into account that rheology is the science dedicated to the study of the deformation and flow of matter, we can define rheometry as the science dedicated to the study of methods and instruments that allow obtaining rheological data on a material. This information is totally necessary in the pharmacological, cosmetic, food, packaging, etc. industries.
  • Why is it essential in industries? The study of the rheological behavior of a material determines factors such as:
  • The feeling of the final consumer regarding a product.
  • The repeatability of a product within a batch.
  • The precise development of a new project to develop.
  • Efficient quality control.
  • Optimization of resources and efficiency in field work.
    • What benefits does it bring? Based on the aforementioned, the broad benefits of rheometry can be separated into two types of benefits:
      Information: Information is everything, and with rheological information, I acquire excellent control and supervision of the behavior of a product from the start of its process to its final consumption based on factors such as viscosity, temperature, cutting effort, textures, flows , etc.
      Efficiency: Brookfield works continuously based on the needs and requirements of its customers, this means that in addition to thinking about rheological information, its equipment is designed to optimize time and other resources in the plant. For this it has fully didactic systems, software dedicated to controlling the equipment from a computer, stand-alone mode, etc.

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